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Makeup Brush Cleaner 2 Adjustable Speeds with USB Charging Station



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SO if you don’t feel like reading you can watch the video above but for those of you who came here to read what I thought of this product keep reading!

So to be honest I had already bought a makeup brush cleaner but being the cheapy cheapskate that I am  didn’t want to pay to much for it so I picked out one of the cheapest ones that I could find and while it works pretty well it is very obvious that sometimes it Is worth it to pay a little more.


So here it is… Right from the start I could see that this product was a much better product for the price and value. The handle of the cleaner was nice and thick and didn’t feel like it was going to fall apart at any second. I love that it is rechargeable but I do wish it still took batteries, you never know when you will need to clean some makeup brushes lol. Also a huge plus is the 2 cleaning speeds, this is perfect for those brushes that need a bit more tough love !

The storage unit is put together nicely,everything seems to have a place and while it does not come with as many adapters as other brands do I will say that the few adapters that come with it are pretty adaptable to fit just about every size that I would need. This is a good thing since I am able to still get all the cleaning power with less of the mess.


Now I kind of zoomed in on the bowl as it is not really a huge feature , just a basic bowl with a splash guard. What I zoomed in for was to show you guys that this bowl is definitely doing double duty! While other cleaners require you to have a scrubbing mat to clean the brushes this one basically has the  scrubber built into the bottom of the bowl so as you power through your cleaning you get the benefits of a good scrub at the same time! Now as for the disinfecting light, like I said in the video I can only take the word of the company as I do not know how to really test just how effective the lights really are other than being very pretty!. SO overall this will definitely become my main brush cleaner as I get more power and more done with this machine. I did receive this item at discount in exchange for my honest review.


Obliviscar Snorkel Mask


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This is easily an item that I can say I never thought that Id be looking for but here I am , and here it is. I had decided to try this item out because my daughter loves to swim, but the issue was that she did not like to get water in her nose nd she wanted to be able to clearly see under the water with ease and this is exactly what she needed.34644221_1969261276439792_5816965888791805952_n The only thing that I didn’t like about this item was the fact that it came in a  netted bag. I felt this made it much easier  and likely to have some kind of issues as the mask was not protected. Luckily in this case my mask was perfectly intact, not even a scratch so I guess my fear was not needed. I s really surprised to find that this mask not only was able to fit my daughter but my husband along with myself was able to use this mask with ease. Overall this mask is a definite yay from us as we look forward many days of use.


*I received this item at discount in exchange for my honest review.


Kabuki Makeup Brushes Sets by MAANGE


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This makeup brush sets has to be one of the most unique and useful sets that I have come across. I am always on the look out for nice looking makeup brushes even when I don’t plan to use them for a while  or maybe even to gift out to family and friends  and this set is just what I was looking for. The cute halo colored clamshells are super cute and perfect fo r the makeup lover.

34671502_1969261153106471_167155845077925888_nThis foundation brush while small packs a huge punch. I love that it fits in the palm of my hand but the gradient of dense long and short bristles make applying foundation and other base makeup a breeze. 34712636_1969261126439807_290354937559252992_nWhile I am not a huge contour type of person it was really nice to come across this contour brush. given the angles, it seems to be perfect for creating nice lines and contouring the face to perfection, again I have to not the nice dense brush and just how soft the soft this brush really is against my face.34777589_1969261193106467_3941617334375940096_n

This blush brush was easily my favorite brush of the three that was included in this set. It is very blunt on the end and while the brittles were soft and dense on the other brushes this brush has the softest bristles of them all. This makes it the perfect tool for delivering the blush product to the face. The super soft and lightly dense brush makes the perfect brush.

Overall I have to say I love this brush set and look forward many uses in the future. The feel and look of this set definitely makes for a great set.


**I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

DEOMAI Wireless RF Item Locator


DEOMAI Wireless RF Item Locator

If you are interested in this product feel free to check it out here:


This ref locator was just the type of gadget that I need in my everyday life. I have seen many other type of locators that either seemed to bulky or they just wasnt functional (the kind that use a sticky back).  What I liked most about this locator was that the locator was very simple and sleek.


The receiver is small yet very easy to find and I love that multiple locators can be reached from one unit hub. This makes keeping up with all of the locators super easy.

The locator units are small and very simple in style but I believe this adds to them being functional and they dont really stick out as a distraction. Unlike other locators I used had used a type of sticky adhesive  on the back to attach the unit to the items being tracked and this was something that I did not find favorable. I love how these come with individual keyring to make attaching them super easy with out any sticky mess.

This locator is definitely one of the better ones I have used, it is very loud and effective at finding lost objects and I’d recommend this item to anyone.


*I received this item at discount in exchange for my honest review.

VOGCREST Facial Cleansing Brush 3-in-1 Best Spin Brush

VOGCREST Facial Cleansing Brush 3-in-1 Best Spin Brush
Loving this facial spinning brush! Works great and gives a variety of options for a deep clean. Check it out here for $24.99

I can honestly say that this is easily one of the better budget friendly face brushes that I have used in a while. I have used a variety of face brushes and for this one to be electronic was an added bonus! Some of the past electronic brushes I have used seemed to work well for a while then  it would start to become very apparent where the flaws was. Most of them not only looked cheap but they felt cheap and the quality showed just that. This brush on the other hand is very nicely made!. It is made with a nice quality plastic that is nice and durable and the shape of the brush is very nice to hold.


Even though this was the first brush head I came across in the box , it was actually the last attachment that I decided to give a try. I really liked how fluffy and soft the bristles were, perfect for those with sensitive skin . As for me this attachment while very comfortable and soft just didn’t cut it when it came to cleansing my face . I found these bristles just didn’t give me a good scrub, maybe I will find another use for this one!


This massager attachment was so nice.. I love how smooth the roller ball feels on my face. After massaging my face for a couple minutes I was totally in love with this attachment. I feel this left my face feeling toned and refreshed , definitely will have to work this in to my facial routine!


This is the normal brush head and for me this was the perfect brush for my face. I was able to completely and deeply cleanse my face without feeling like my face had been stripped or rubbed raw. I like to start with the lowest setting for the wand and work my way through the 3 settings to get an effective clean. Definitely enjoyed my face washing experience with this brush head . I like to use this with my exfoliating face wash to not only deep clean but to exfoliate and leave me with refreshed skin. Overall this system has taken the steps I normally would do and converted them into one tool to get the whole job done! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

  • I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review**


Big Ant Car Trunk Organizer Durable Collapsible Cargo Storage Trunk Organizer with Straps

This car trunk organizer is definitely something that has brought more organization to my trunk. While it is not as big as I would like for it to be it is still a very handy car tool.
The material is nice and thick and the stitching is done very well. I like the double straps that allow for this item to easily be removed from the trunk with minimal effort.
The set up for this item is super easy, so easy in fact that I could set up with just one hand and that is a huge plus for me as a mother of 3.
Overall I love the ease of use with this product and look forward to many more days of use.

Check out this awesome car trunk organizer! Super handy and makes keeping your trunk neat and organized a breeze!
Check it out for yourself here:

*I received this item in exchange for my honest review*

Cooking Pan Covers: Large Stainless Steel Splatter Screens, 13 inch C


This just so happen to be an item that I had been wanting for quite a bit of time to add to my kitchen utensils. After many times of cooking causes and doing a bit of sauteing I realized that I was getting quite tired of the spitter splatter of gravies and oils galore but it never stuck in my mind to just put an end to the mess.
Now I had heard of products like this before but for whatever reason i always wanted to shop without this item finding it’s way into my cart so when I came across the opportunity to test and review this one even though it was much larger than I needed, I jumped on the chance.


This pan screen ended up being exactly what I needed. It was light and easy to use and I found the tool to be quite sturdy. One of my favorite features is the heat resistance, now I can leave this covering my pants without risking burning my hands when trying to remove it. It is stai stainless steel and has a nice look to it which if pleasant for me.
The mesh screen does a great job of blocking all the possible splatters and keeps my stove top in great condition. This is definitely a product that I’d reccomend. Get one for yourself here:

(I received this item in exchange for my honest opinion *
* theses photos are not my own, see my video review on my youtube channel)

RORAIMA Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat

Screenshot_20180424-165428_Video Player

RORAIMA Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat with Rain fly
Accidentally reviewed a cat tent that worked out perfectly as a tent for my son lol great easy to set up product. Check it out for your self here



When I 1st saw this tent I didn’t even notice that it was actually made for a cat I had already been looking for A-tent for my son and when I saw this 1I thought that this would be a perfect fit. When sigh found out that this was a cat 10th I went and read reviews where I saw just how big this 10th a habitat structure was and how other people had used it for the exact reason that I ended up using it.

The tent itself is pretty large I have an 8 year old son and I was able to fit inside with him and his sister and we still had plenty of space it is made a vet mesh material so it may not be as dirty as a proper tent but it definitely worked out for the purposes that we are using that for.


Over all I will definitely recommend this to anyone that have a cat as it plenty of space for the cat to loungin or if you’re like myself and you decide that you would like to make a little play area out of this structure.

Earwax Removal Pick Kit


1st off I want to start off by saying that for anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge obsession with cleaning My ears. I have been known to pick up what ever I can um that was around me to clean my ears in this kid is exactly the kind of thing that I need to do so in a more safe kind of way.


What I enjoyed most about this earwax kid is the fact that it comes with 11 different pieces meaning that I am bound to find at least one of the attachments that I could use to adequately clean my ears properly. I also enjoy in like the fact that this isn’t just a badd quality product aside from the flashlight which looks a little bit cheap that actual ear picks are made of Meadow they are sturdy and strong and I’m sure that I will get a lot of muse out of them.



One of my favorite things about this kid is the flashlight that comes with it along with that flashlight baby included to attachments that holds directly up to the flashlight so if someone else was to be using the kit 1 myself on someone else they can actually see what they’re doing inside the ear and that’s a huge plus 4 me.

Over all I’d have to say that I am very please with the quality and quantity of attachments that this kid includes I look forward to lots of you to use in would recommend this product to anyone.

UP Backpack diaper bag


This is the  Up brand backpack diaper back. 1st of all I just want to say that this is easily the best diaper bag that I have yet to come across and I have a good size collection of them from having 3 children.

This diaper bag is not only functional but it is very fashionable. I love how comfortable the straps are and how I’m able to carry this backpack diaper bag on my back for long periods of time without feeling any kind of discomfort.


As you can see above it is very plush and the stitching is very well. This diaper back hold together very well in it has lots of space and lots of different compartments to hold all of the little things that I would need in its 12 deep and spacious pockets.


Just looking at this bag you would never be able to tell that there is this bright pop of color on the inside that really makes this an interesting diaper . This will definitely become my go to diaper bag in the future I love how I am able to carry everything with me and I don’t have to leave anything behind.

Get one for yourself  here