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Earwax Removal Pick Kit


1st off I want to start off by saying that for anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge obsession with cleaning My ears. I have been known to pick up what ever I can um that was around me to clean my ears in this kid is exactly the kind of thing that I need to do so in a more safe kind of way.


What I enjoyed most about this earwax kid is the fact that it comes with 11 different pieces meaning that I am bound to find at least one of the attachments that I could use to adequately clean my ears properly. I also enjoy in like the fact that this isn’t just a badd quality product aside from the flashlight which looks a little bit cheap that actual ear picks are made of Meadow they are sturdy and strong and I’m sure that I will get a lot of muse out of them.



One of my favorite things about this kid is the flashlight that comes with it along with that flashlight baby included to attachments that holds directly up to the flashlight so if someone else was to be using the kit 1 myself on someone else they can actually see what they’re doing inside the ear and that’s a huge plus 4 me.

Over all I’d have to say that I am very please with the quality and quantity of attachments that this kid includes I look forward to lots of you to use in would recommend this product to anyone.


UP Backpack diaper bag


This is the  Up brand backpack diaper back. 1st of all I just want to say that this is easily the best diaper bag that I have yet to come across and I have a good size collection of them from having 3 children.

This diaper bag is not only functional but it is very fashionable. I love how comfortable the straps are and how I’m able to carry this backpack diaper bag on my back for long periods of time without feeling any kind of discomfort.


As you can see above it is very plush and the stitching is very well. This diaper back hold together very well in it has lots of space and lots of different compartments to hold all of the little things that I would need in its 12 deep and spacious pockets.


Just looking at this bag you would never be able to tell that there is this bright pop of color on the inside that really makes this an interesting diaper . This will definitely become my go to diaper bag in the future I love how I am able to carry everything with me and I don’t have to leave anything behind.

Get one for yourself  here



Funny Emoji Fuzzy Fluffy Home Bedroom Room House Slippers  


Funny Emoji Fuzzy Fluffy Home Bedroom Room House Slippers
These slippers get 5 gimmie hands from me! Super cute and very comfy!

These are the kind of slippers that I find to be just perfect for me. I love uso ng all kinds of emojis in my everyday life so naturally these super cute slippers would peak my interest.
I love how big and fluffy these slippers are. They are one size fit all so I didn’t expect them to be an exact fit so I do have a bit of slippage in the ankle but its not that big of a deal. The emoji character is very pronounced and even my kids love these. Since they ate one size shoes I have no issue letting the kiddos give them a try.
The only thing that bothers me is the swishy sound that these make when walking across my floors, the bottom doent have very much grip so on smoother surfaces atleast until the slippers have beem worn a while od say becareful sp you dont slip.I can only assume it’s because they are new and still getting broken in at which point I expect them to be quieter.

Overall I would definetly recommend these slippers to anyone looking for a cute and fun houseshoe experience.
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Slime Supplies Foam Beads Making Kit

Slime Supplies Foam Beads Making Kit

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This kit comes with everything you need to make a variety of slimes for regular and sensory play. I decided to make sensory slime with my 2 children and because there was so many options included in this kit they both had a great time creating their own slime.

The variety of beads vary in color , shape and size and are boldly colored so it’s easy to m9x and match the beads to your liking.

I will say the beads can make for quite a mess when working with small children so be careful. They are very lightweight and blow around easily other than that we enjpyed this kit and look forward ti further use.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

MISKOS Glitter Eyeshadow Pallet 30 Colors


MISKOS Glitter Eyeshadow Pallet 30 Colors

First off this palette is so much more beautiful than it looks in pictures and that pretty hard because I have yet to see any pictures of thos palette that looks bad.

I recently had gotten into wearing glitter shadows and having this palette was just what I needed.  I love the variety of colors that are available I  thos pallette

Even without the flash you can clearly see how sparkly and pretty this palette really is


The colors are bold bright and easily transfer from pan to the lid. I love how sparkly the shadows look with flash



The colors really seem to shine and sparkle ..just look at those colors . The glitter is really fine instead of big and chunky so applying it is very easy.

I can’t wait to experiment with the color combinations. Overall this palette is one I can see myself getting great use of.

I received this product at great discount in exchange for my honest review.









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Ok so everyone that knows me knows that I am a huge legging lover and a firm believer in Leggings being pants…I mean this is facts don’t try to argue with me lol . So when I was given the chance to try a pair of leggings from a company that I was not familiar with  I jumped all over that chance.

So the legging in question is from a company called Legging Girl, and to be honest I was a bit weary going into this but hey for a pair of leggings I’d take the chance! Pick my for me this turned put to be a great decision  as upon inspection of the website I found that np t only are these leggings available in a wide variety of prints and patterns but for a budget conscious girl like my self these was right up my alley with the pair pictured being offered at only $16.99!!! SO GO CHECK IT OUT.

The print that I had the pleasure of trying is called the Black triangle stripes and really the picture do this pattern not nearly enough justice, they really look just as good as pictured which made me super happy.



So to start off my trial of these leggings I threw them on and proceeded through my day as normal, making sure I didn’t miss the opportunity for any bends, stretches ,spills that could have possibly happened to I am proud to say they passed the test. The fit was amazing  and through the day they did not bunch not say and with 3 children to run after I have no rips or tears that could have easily happened!

The feel of these leggings is very nice, almost with a a silky cotton feel, I must say I like but everything was not perfect in legging land😕 one of the main things I look for in my leggings is a good opaque fabric ..meaning will my printed undies be protected and the verdict is NOT THIS PAIR😔


Y’all see that? All my striped glory was out for the world😳 good thing I kept this test in home lol. Just when I thought all was well…..I’m pretty sure if I was the commando type or plan undies this probably wouldn’t be such an issue.  So overall all these leggings are great but notnfor us printed panty wearing ladies. Will i give more of these leggings a try?Yes! Yes I will…I saw way too many perfect for me prints. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Classic water bottle!


I don’t known how many times I will say something is my absolute favorite but I must say it again…This is my favorite water bottle thus far. I have a wide collection of BPA free plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles and glass bottles and this one takes the cake.


Unlike other bottles I have used i n the past this one combines the benefits of plastic and glass bottles all into one. The bottle is sturdy and very well protected. I love the lid lock and the fact that it can be customized to better suit my style.

Overall this bottle is definetly worth the price and u look forward to future use.


I say this too often but this is officially my  fav waterbottle!
Check out my full review on my YouTube and blog pages

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HomeFairy Teal and Green Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging – Large Bohemian Hippie Art Decor – Indian Ombre Design – Long Lasting Vivid Colors Machine Washable – Queen Size 80 x 60 inch

Click Below to Purchase:

Overall I must say that I cannot believe just how beautiful this tapestry really I , I mean the pictures really do not do this piece of art justice at all with that being said I look forward to using this for the backdrop of many of my upcoming videos!

When I first saw this tapestry I knew that this would be something that I would love to have , not only review but to hang in my own home. I thought I would just hang this in my bedroom but upon opening it and seeing just how beautiful, bright and vivid the colors were I decided this would be a perfect addition to my office.

The colors are much nicer in person than they appear to be in the pictures and for that I am thankful, I love the way the material hangs and it is not sheer like I thought it would end up being. The print is very detailed and intricate and makes for the perfect piece of wall art.

I am currently using this as my studio backdrop and it is working perfectly, it hangs nicely and colors behind it does not show through, I have done at least 1 video so far with it and it looks amazing on camera, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

* I received this product at deep discount in exchange for my honest review*


Fitbit Blaze Bands 3 in 1 Watch Wristband Strap

Purchase here :
Much to My surprised I had realized that I had previously Ordered a wrist band from this company and that I had been wearing it as I opened up the new Box. What I really like about this product was that it was made from a super soft silicone material that was very comfortable on my wrist. As I said before I had previously ordered from this company and the response was so nice that I was still wearing it from the time I opened it. This whist ban is super comfortable and very well made the colors are nice in vivid and bright and it seems as if they do not fade with wear and tear. I believe this product is made to take a lot of wear and not break down it was very easy to put together and the instructions were nice and clear. I do believe that I will get a lot of usage out of this product as I wear my fit bit often and I need a band that will hold up to everyday wear. This is definitely a product that I would recommend to friends and family alike. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

AUPERWEL Wax Warmer Kit with Hard Wax Beans 

Wax Warmer Kit with Hard Wax Beans 
This was warmer is awesome! I had never used wax before so this was intimidating to say the least. After reading through the direction which was quite easy to understand I decided to go ahead and put this was warmer to the test . After heating up the beans to a temperature that I could withstand. Using the wax was easy and painless…that was A total surprise. Now don’t get me wrong I am no pro so I made a bit of mess but I’m sure next time I will do better.
Get one for yourself at:
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