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Fitbit Blaze Bands 3 in 1 Watch Wristband Strap

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Much to My surprised I had realized that I had previously Ordered a wrist band from this company and that I had been wearing it as I opened up the new Box. What I really like about this product was that it was made from a super soft silicone material that was very comfortable on my wrist. As I said before I had previously ordered from this company and the response was so nice that I was still wearing it from the time I opened it. This whist ban is super comfortable and very well made the colors are nice in vivid and bright and it seems as if they do not fade with wear and tear. I believe this product is made to take a lot of wear and not break down it was very easy to put together and the instructions were nice and clear. I do believe that I will get a lot of usage out of this product as I wear my fit bit often and I need a band that will hold up to everyday wear. This is definitely a product that I would recommend to friends and family alike. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.


AUPERWEL Wax Warmer Kit with Hard Wax Beansย 

Wax Warmer Kit with Hard Wax Beansย 
This was warmer is awesome! I had never used wax before so this was intimidating to say the least. After reading through the direction which was quite easy to understand I decided to go ahead and put this was warmer to the test . After heating up the beans to a temperature that I could withstand. Using the wax was easy and painless…that was A total surprise. Now don’t get me wrong I am no pro so I made a bit of mess but I’m sure next time I will do better.
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DEESS Permanent hair removal beauty device iLight 3 plus, pink Campaign

DEESS Permanent hair removal beauty device iLight 3 plus, pink Campaign
While I cannot give a review rating for this item as I discovered while reading the pamphlet that it is not recommended for breastfeeding women such as myself. I can say the product seems to be very well made and I am looking forward to having someone else test this for me. If you would like to get more informtation about this product it can be found at


Gracies Goods Picnic Basket


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So before I tell you what I thought about this item I would like to say that for the longest time I have wanted a picnic basket…why? I really don’t know maybe because it was something that I woyld see a lot in movies where people go on their cute little dates and they pull out the cute baskets and eat their cute little foods…you see where I am going with this right?

Well yeah I wanted one but it became an item that I just never thought to add to my list of things to purchase

So when I came across this beautifully made baskets from Gracies goods that retails for $29.99 on amazon with a 10% off coupon code I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out… I mean why not , it was free for me ( for reviewing purposes) and it was a beautiful basket.20180129_093722

So as you can see this item is very nicely made from nice and sturdy wicker. What I really like about this basket is the shear size of it ,20180129_093654ย I mean I can fit some much stuff inside of this with plenty room to spare! The green cloth lining is made in such a way that you can easily remove it and wash as needed or if you want you could change it out all together, but honestly I think it looks really nice with the bright pop of green!

20180129_093709The handle is nice and strong and what I would consider to be comfortable in the are or perfect for griping to carry in the hand.Not only is this basket functional , it is quite stylish and I can see this even becoming a part of my hoe dรฉcor at some point!

Overall I would give this wicker picnic basket 5 thumbs up as it is quite the beautiful and functional basket for plenty of occasions!

SOYATER 13 Pocket Baby Diaper Bag Review


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When I first saw pictures of this diaper bag I was already excited to get the chance to try it out. Firstly I already had a diaper bag and to be completely honest I thought I loved that bag but it came with some MAJOR flaws once I had the baby and had to actually use the bag. Now don’t get me wrong my original bag was beautiful but maybe I was just caught up in the look of it because the inside had no pockets, it was one giant open space so everything that I put inside would just turn into a pile inside of it and the outside had 1 pocket! ! POCKET, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I I quickly realized for this bag to be functional I was gong to need some major storage space and organization . I was willing to purchase a new bag when this one came along and boy was it right on time

Just looking at this bag I could tell it was already a major upgrade from the pretty patterned giant bag I already owned. This bag came with so much storage and organization space that honestly I have not been able to fill it all. The look of the bag is nicely done where a man or women could carry this bag with ease and its easily a bag that could be used for a boy or girl…so that’s great even though it wasn’t a main concern of mine.

The inside of the bag has lots of compartments for all of your odds and ends, the material is nicely stitched and made to be easily wiped clean( Bonus) I found that I was able to carry everything I needed and more in this bag with no problem and it even cam with a bonus Wet/dirty diaper bag! This was especially hand when I am out and have no dirty diaper bags to dispose of the used diapers. The diapers easily go into this bag and the bag can be easily cleaned later.

Overall this bag was everything I needed and more, definitely my number one diaper bag and I can see myself getting lots of use from this product

**I received this product in exchange for my honest review.**


Bear on the Chairยฎ Your Year-Round Behavior Buddy!

Bear on the Chairยฎ Your Year-Round Behavior Buddy!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review and I thought this would be perfect for me as I have a 5 year old daughter with adhd and Pdd. Working on her behavioral problems have always been a struggle for us because a lot of times she don’t understand that she is misbehaving or why she is “in trouble”

W e have found that having physical reminders and tools for her seem to work better with her realizing her mistakes before we have to tell her and this bear was just the perfect tool for this. The Bear in the chair is a super cute and cuddly bear that serves as a quick reminder of how your behavior is . We have found that this simple system is quite effective at keeping my daughter on track as she is used to the red, yellow , green system from school. With the Bear there is either Red which she already equates as bad behavior with a sad face and yellow which takes the place of the green she is used to .

She knowsย  that in order for her to receive her treat or prize she needs to stay on yellow and I have watched her eyeball the bear occasionally to see of the patch on his chest has changed colors. It is really nice watching her correct herself and work towards staying on good behavior This little bear is something I can definitely see myself recommending to friends and family.

To get one for yourself self click the blue link above or follow this link down below:



DMD Kitchen Knife Sharpener

DMD Kitchen Knife Sharpener ( Click Here!!!)

I had the pleasure of trying out this kitchen knife sharpener and honestly I can say that I was very pleased with my knife sharpening experience. I had been talking about getting a knife sharpener for a very long time as I had acquired a set of culinary knives and I had no way to sharpen them at home. After many times of blowing it off I have knife sharpener that I need.

I found this product to be very easy to use and as a left handed person I fully enjoyed that this product could be used with either the left of right hand by simply turning the product around. The handle on this product was very comfortable in my hands and the rubberized grip made it very effective as a nonslip product. The 3 sharpening stones provide a clean sharpen and makes my knives come alive again. Overall this is a product I can recommend to anyone!
* I received this product in exchange for my honest review**



Mad Dog Girls 3-Pack Pink Sleep Pants


“Product Details
This set of three offers a variety of styles to choose from, whether it’s camouflage, plaid, or a snowflake and heart design. Each pair is made from a polyester micro-fleece that provides the cozy comfort and reliable warmth necessary for a good night’s sleep, while elastic waistbands and a loose fitting cut provide room for unrestricted movement.”

So I received these pajama pants deeply discounted in exchange for my honest review. When I first saw this set of pants I can honestly say that I was already willing to pay full price for them because of how cute they were from the time that I saw them…

After receiving the pants I quickly noticed that I had made the mistake of ordering them in the wrong size( I ordered them a bit too big) that wasn’t too much of a big deal as they are pajamas and a quick roll of the waist had them fitting better in no time plus it as very obvious thatย  my daughter did not mind ๐Ÿ™‚

The pants are super softย  nd I found out that they are also flame resistant, now this is not something that I typically look for in clothing but it is definitely an added bonus ill take it!!! The pants are designed to have a looser fit so they are nice and comfy throughout the night. Unlike other pajama pants that are made of thin material , these are a bit thicker making them perfect for little sleepers that cant stay under their blankets.

I am loving these pants not only for their functionality but they are just too cute and I ill likely be purchasing more in the future!

If you would like to purchase a pair for yourself follow this link:


Reading Kingdom

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Q.So what exactly is Reading Kingdom?

A.ย Reading Kingdom is an award-winning online program that teaches children 4-10 to read and write with comprehension at a 3rd grade level. The program is based on the work of Dr. Marion Blank from Columbia University, one of the world’s top experts on reading and language development. It uses her patented and research based “6-SIM” (Six Skill Integrated Method) technique that yields incredible results. The programย is extremely effective for both struggling readers and those who are on grade level because it does not rely solely on phonics-based instruction which is fraught with challenges .ย  because most words in English cannot be sounded out. (Taken from site)

I am very excited to be given the chance to try out this program with my child. My son has Autism and he struggles a lot with comprehension, this struggle has toppled over into lots of other areas of his life when it comes to language and phonics. Now while this program was not designated specifically for his problemsย  I figured this would be at least a good start to getting him on track.

One of the first things I noticed about this program was how easy it was to navigate for not only myself as the parent but for him as the child. Usually he will lose interest quickly in these kinds of programs or I would have a hard time getting him to complete the tasks but they at so simple and done so quickly that he goes through them with no hesitation. The program recommends that you use this program at least 4 xs per week but given our situation we usually get 2 sessions in and sometimes he will ill be willing to do more.

I like how the program is knowledge driven and works and progresses at whatever pace my sons seems to be at instead of just going through a program and moving on when he is not ready. It is very important that the parent not help the child so the program can run correctly and so far I haven’t had any issues keeping him going when he is trying to get help. We have only been using the program for a little over a month and while I haven’t seen any huge improvements I do believe with continued proper use he will start to progress in his readingย  comprehension skills.
I received this program at discount in exchange for my honest review*


Full Size Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Set – [magnet lashes]


Full Size Dual Magnetic False Eyelashes Set – [magnet lashes]

This was definitely something different for me to try as I was just getting the hang of applying regular false strip lashes. I had seen many people trying out magnetic lashes but it was always the half strip and they all seem to have had a hard time applying them, but that still did not stop me from giving it a try.

When the package first arrived I was very pleased with the look of the lashes even thought they are synthetic, I found that they are not hard and still very pliable. I decided that I would go ahead and give them a try and that is definitely where things got interesting. First they as stuck to the packaging with a little tape/glue strip and had I not been careful when lifting it , I could have easily ripped the stripped and that would have destroyed them. After removing them from the packaging I found that they did not come with any instructions or tips on how to apply them so I had to just wing it and hope for the best. After figuring out the correct direction of the lashes and inspecting them I say they came with 2 very small yet powerful magnets towards the start and end of the strip. I fist aligned the strips together to get an idea of how they fit together then after almost ripping them again I as able to split them back apart.

Now it was time for me to apply to my eye and boy oh boy was this a task! To be honest I still have not figured out ho to correctly apply them as it was very difficult for me to get them correctly aligned without them prematurely sticking together, I do feel with practice I will be able to do this. You have to be very careful when removing these lashes because like I said the magnets are very strong to be so small and they fit very snuggly against your natural lashes.

I do believe that these could be a great alternative to the glued lashes and I look forward to working more with this product and seeing what kind of look I can come up with.

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