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Goldenvision Fitbit Blaze Replacement Band kit.


Goldenvision Fit bit Blaze band kit
So this kid is easily Five Stars based on the quality of the band and just how well the product is made. So the original Fitbit band is the one that has the silver frame the replacement band has the gold frame and also my finger underneath it. In my personal opinion I will honestly say the replacement band is better than the original band.20708390_10213831838933088_1388559344459945809_n The replacement band is made out of silicon and it’s super soft and pliable I found that I was able to put this band on using one hand much easier and much quicker than I could have with the original band that was included with my Fitbit. 20621051_10213831838573079_1562025646227691343_nI could easily switch the frame…..check my blog for full review.
I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honestly my own.
Get one for your self
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Mission® Tortilla Chips


I received these Mission® Tortilla Chips from crowd tap to try FREE of charge and him so glad I did! These chips are light and crispy just like the ones you get when you are out at a restaurant. I like that even though they are pretty thin, they can still,hold up to all the sauces and dips that I choose to eat them with. I feel like these are good enough for my family and I to even eat these plain. My kids wasted no time getting into this bag. I have tried other varieties of Mission® Tortilla Chips before and I think this is my new favorite.



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Through the Rug 2: Follow that Dog tenth anniversary edition


Through the Rug 2: Follow that Dog tenth anniversary edition

If you don’t mind a book without the colorful pictures or even a lot of pictures but a good fun story then this book is for you. My kids still enjoy lots of pictures and color but because they are advanced readers they was still able to get into this book.

Some of the Pros for this book:

  • The colorful is very vivid and bright, making it something that can easily catch a child’s eye
  • It is full of fun playful characters to keep the child or reader interested
  • The font is not too big but it is not too small, perfect for school age children
  • it is a series book, meaning that after reading the first installment the reader has a whole different adventure to look forward too

Some of the cons for this book:

  • first as this pertains to my children, it is far a few in the terms of pictures
  • the kids will have to heavily rely on content and imagination in the various scenarios
  • a book with such a colorful cover in my opinion would likely have bright vivid pictures to bring the story alive

Overall keeping with my initial thoughts, I would say it is a very well thought out book and I look forward to finishing it with my kids.

I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest review.
Check it out:

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Golden Chef Collection 8 Piece Knife Set


Golden Chef Collection 8 Piece Knife Set.

This is the golden chef collection eight pieces and stainless steel nonstick blades kitchen knife set with ceramic peeler gift box .
When I first opened the box I was pleasantly surprised at just how beautiful this knife set really looked.
One of the first things that I noticed on with this knife set was the bright and vivid colors of each of the knives.
It was almost as if I can give each knife a certain color code and I would know exactly what that knife was used for.
In all honesty for this knife set to be only the $19.99 I would say that it was a great deal.
The knife set felt very nice in my hand and they are made to reduce stress and fatigue on the wrist as you are using them.
I love that these knives are hygienic and they are also low maintenance. They are made from a BPA free and anti-bacterial coating on each blade.
This made me feel very good knowing my blades were very well protected. For this to be a budget set, I would say I was very pleased at just how sharp but blades actually were.
how quite durable they are for them to not be made from the more trendy and common ceramic material.
Overall I would say these knives are great for gift giving or a for anyone who is looking at a budget friendly set of knives
to own for themselves. This is definitely a set of knives d I would not mind purchasing again.


Check it out: IMG_20170727_160324_638

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WashiMe Set of 20 WASHI TAPE

WashiMe Set of 20 WASHI TAPE 

Overall I can say that I was very pleased with the set of Washi tape. As you can see it comes in 20 different patterns and I was able to use this in my planner. The actual tape has a good amount of pigmentation that shows up well on my paper. I thought it was going to be see through but it turns out to be strong and colorful. I found cutting straight lines with this Washi was very easy and will work perfectly in my arts and crafts. I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest review.

Purchase some and see for yourself:

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HSI Glider Ceramic Flat Iron

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I had just got this flat iron the other day and decided to go ahead and flat iron my type 4 natural hair. I was blown away at the results! This flat iron did such a great job of taking my hair from curly to straight with only one pass. I love that the plates are made to distribute the heat evenly across my hair resulting in consistent results. I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Click here to check it out for yourself:
Glider Ceramic Flat Iron


Eye Delight 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask

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Eye Delight 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask

Having never before used any kind of eye mask I didn’t know how or where to apply the mask. There are no directions included in the box so I googled. After about the 3rd use I noticed a difference. It helped relieve eye puffiness and helped me look more rested. I would recommend this product and would suggest including directions on where to apply the mask.
If you would like to give it a try here is the link:

I was unable to physically #review this product myself so I had a friend #review this item for me. These images and review is posted with the consent of @deuces_deuces_ . This item was received at discount in exchange for an honest and unbiasd review.
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HSS Handmade Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


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HSS Handmade Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

I was pleasantly surprised at this salt lamp. I believe it weighed around 7or 8lb sand was nicely made. Unlike other lamp that you expect to have a clean cut look to it, this one is very natural and rustic in style. The lamp give off a soothing glow And while it does get warm I have not experienced it being to both to touch. I have only been using this for a couple days so I have not experienced any of the benefits just yet but as a believer in natural healingni do believe those benefits will come . Follow this link to try one out for yourself:

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I received this product at discount for my honest review.

Sweet Home&Kitchen Measuring Set


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This is the Sweet home and kitchen 10 piece stainless steel measuring spoons and cup set. While the box was a complete mess upon recieving it , I can say the quality of the cups and spoons was very good and came in great condition. They are very sturdy and put together quite nicely. I love the multicolored handles and the fact that they are not made of plastic. These measuring cups and spoons are rust free and the grips are slip and heat resistant! Definitely a great buy for any kitchen.
If you would like to purchase this set here’s the link:

Use code :
Z9Z6OU8O For and additional 10% off

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I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.