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Eye Delight 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask

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Eye Delight 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask

Having never before used any kind of eye mask I didn’t know how or where to apply the mask. There are no directions included in the box so I googled. After about the 3rd use I noticed a difference. It helped relieve eye puffiness and helped me look more rested. I would recommend this product and would suggest including directions on where to apply the mask.
If you would like to give it a try here is the link:

I was unable to physically #review this product myself so I had a friend #review this item for me. These images and review is posted with the consent of @deuces_deuces_ . This item was received at discount in exchange for an honest and unbiasd review.
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HSS Handmade Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


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HSS Handmade Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

I was pleasantly surprised at this salt lamp. I believe it weighed around 7or 8lb sand was nicely made. Unlike other lamp that you expect to have a clean cut look to it, this one is very natural and rustic in style. The lamp give off a soothing glow And while it does get warm I have not experienced it being to both to touch. I have only been using this for a couple days so I have not experienced any of the benefits just yet but as a believer in natural healingni do believe those benefits will come . Follow this link to try one out for yourself:

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I received this product at discount for my honest review.

Sweet Home&Kitchen Measuring Set


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This is the Sweet home and kitchen 10 piece stainless steel measuring spoons and cup set. While the box was a complete mess upon recieving it , I can say the quality of the cups and spoons was very good and came in great condition. They are very sturdy and put together quite nicely. I love the multicolored handles and the fact that they are not made of plastic. These measuring cups and spoons are rust free and the grips are slip and heat resistant! Definitely a great buy for any kitchen.
If you would like to purchase this set here’s the link:

Use code :
Z9Z6OU8O For and additional 10% off

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I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Bouchard Cheesecake Bites



Yum yum yum these Bouchard Cheesecakes bite are quite delicious. While my pictures makes them look not so nice they actually arrived with a perfectly smooth chocolate coating. I accidently exposed them to hear and that altered the way they looked, my apologies. Each of the cheesecakes bites had a distinct taste fitting for the threes flavors that was included. I did find that they was on the sweeter side which was a downer in my opinion but that’s just my personal tastes. My favorite of the threes was the. strawberry, the filling was rich and flavorful. I could easily enjoy the whole box if you are interested in checking them out copy and paste this link:
*I received this product free for reviewing purposes,all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.

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Luminous Portable Speaker

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This Luminous Wireless speaker is nicer than I ever thought it would be. I love how small it is and it is very nicely made. I was very surprised at just how loud this little speaker is and the sound quality. Unlike other wireless speakers that lack a good amount of bass, as you can see in the 3rd clip the bass is very nice.
I received this item free for reviewing purposes.
Try one out for yourself:
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Q-SWAP Mobile Power bank


  1. this portable phone charger power station is amazing. I love how I have so much power storage I have. It was very easy to set up. It is very compatible with most,phones as long as you have the usb cord .when the power station is fully charged it takes no,time to charge my phone . I’ll be sure to pack this with me wherever. I go.
    Purchase here:…/…/B01MCSS3GF
    I received this product in exchange for my honest review.
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INNX Ultra Soft Memory Foam Pillow


  1. Overall this pillow is pretty comfortable. I don’t think it had that distinct memory foam feeling that I was expecting but it is very soft. The pillow is much smaller than any pillow I’d actually buy so that was a downer for me. If you are looking for a comfortable pillow then this pillow would be perfect. It confirms nicely to your shapes and makes for a good night’s rest.
    Purchase here:
    I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker


  1. So much sound from such a little speaker. This speaker is perfect for people who love to bring their music to the bathroom. I like that this speaker has a pretty long Bluetooth range so I can bring my music into the bathroom without bringing my phone. The set up for this speaker was quick and easy and it is super portable. You can charge it up or keep it plugged in for hours of music.
    Purchase here:
    I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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5 Packs Beauty Sponge Blender


  1. Like blenders and sponges work so well! If I didn’t tell people these were duped for the originals I’m pretty sure no one would know. The sponges absorbs very well and applies the makeup evenly and the silicone sponges do a great job too. I will Definitely be getting more of these to add to my collection. I will be getting more of these to add to my collection.
    Purchase here:

Fidget Hand Spinner Toy


  1. I consider myself to be someone who love to have little gadgets around so naturally I would run towards this trending fidget craze. This is actually my first fidget toy and at first I didn’t understand the big deal. Now I find myself spinning this thing like crazy. For some reason it just doesn’t get old to me. I think it is well made and I love that the circles can be removed and replaced to create a more custom look. It hold up well to my kids playing with it and I can see it getting lots of use.
    Purchase here
    I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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