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Cooking Pan Covers: Large Stainless Steel Splatter Screens, 13 inch C


This just so happen to be an item that I had been wanting for quite a bit of time to add to my kitchen utensils. After many times of cooking causes and doing a bit of sauteing I realized that I was getting quite tired of the spitter splatter of gravies and oils galore but it never stuck in my mind to just put an end to the mess.
Now I had heard of products like this before but for whatever reason i always wanted to shop without this item finding it’s way into my cart so when I came across the opportunity to test and review this one even though it was much larger than I needed, I jumped on the chance.


This pan screen ended up being exactly what I needed. It was light and easy to use and I found the tool to be quite sturdy. One of my favorite features is the heat resistance, now I can leave this covering my pants without risking burning my hands when trying to remove it. It is stai stainless steel and has a nice look to it which if pleasant for me.
The mesh screen does a great job of blocking all the possible splatters and keeps my stove top in great condition. This is definitely a product that I’d reccomend. Get one for yourself here:

(I received this item in exchange for my honest opinion *
* theses photos are not my own, see my video review on my youtube channel)



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