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Earwax Removal Pick Kit


1st off I want to start off by saying that for anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge obsession with cleaning My ears. I have been known to pick up what ever I can um that was around me to clean my ears in this kid is exactly the kind of thing that I need to do so in a more safe kind of way.


What I enjoyed most about this earwax kid is the fact that it comes with 11 different pieces meaning that I am bound to find at least one of the attachments that I could use to adequately clean my ears properly. I also enjoy in like the fact that this isn’t just a badd quality product aside from the flashlight which looks a little bit cheap that actual ear picks are made of Meadow they are sturdy and strong and I’m sure that I will get a lot of muse out of them.



One of my favorite things about this kid is the flashlight that comes with it along with that flashlight baby included to attachments that holds directly up to the flashlight so if someone else was to be using the kit 1 myself on someone else they can actually see what they’re doing inside the ear and that’s a huge plus 4 me.

Over all I’d have to say that I am very please with the quality and quantity of attachments that this kid includes I look forward to lots of you to use in would recommend this product to anyone.



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