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AGPtek Set of 24 LED Submersible Waterproof Battery Wedding Floral Decoration Tea Vase light

AGPtek Set of 24 LED Submersible Waterproof Battery Wedding Floral Decoration Tea Vase light

These light are super cute upon first glance i will say they are a bit smaller than I was expecting. They fit right in the palm of my hand and can fit in lots of smaller spaces or inside of a small vase if that is what you choose to use them in.

I received these tea lights in 4 varieties, white, champagne (warm white),Hot pink and multi(red, blue, green combo). The colors are nice and quite bright ,especially for their tiny size and very easy to operate. With a simple twist of the top you can turn these on and off with ease.

They operate with a simple button battery which was easy to get to. The batteries last for 50-70 hours depending on the amount of use you put on them. I will say I was too afraid to drop them in water because they didn’t seem like they was sealed right enough to keep the water out but I think these are perfect for decoration.
Check out the full range here:

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* I received this item at discount in exchange for my honest review.
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