Golden Chef Collection 8 Piece Knife Set


Golden Chef Collection 8 Piece Knife Set.

This is the golden chef collection eight pieces and stainless steel nonstick blades kitchen knife set with ceramic peeler gift box .
When I first opened the box I was pleasantly surprised at just how beautiful this knife set really looked.
One of the first things that I noticed on with this knife set was the bright and vivid colors of each of the knives.
It was almost as if I can give each knife a certain color code and I would know exactly what that knife was used for.
In all honesty for this knife set to be only the $19.99 I would say that it was a great deal.
The knife set felt very nice in my hand and they are made to reduce stress and fatigue on the wrist as you are using them.
I love that these knives are hygienic and they are also low maintenance. They are made from a BPA free and anti-bacterial coating on each blade.
This made me feel very good knowing my blades were very well protected. For this to be a budget set, I would say I was very pleased at just how sharp but blades actually were.
how quite durable they are for them to not be made from the more trendy and common ceramic material.
Overall I would say these knives are great for gift giving or a for anyone who is looking at a budget friendly set of knives
to own for themselves. This is definitely a set of knives d I would not mind purchasing again.


Check it out: IMG_20170727_160324_638

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