AUDBOS Double Driver In-ear Deep Bass Noise Isolating |Earbuds with Mic and Remote





0119172010These earbuds are beautiful to look at, as you can see they are made with a woodgrain finish on the ear bud and accented with gold coverings. Just looking at them says a lot about the care and quality that is put into these earbuds. The ear buds are quite comfortable and if you saw the video you would see that this particular ear bud set comes with 5 spare ear buds sizes , this is to ensure a snug , comfortable and precise fit to your ear. The ear bud itself seems to be made really well, unlike some lower costing products that look nice at first but upon closer inspection you could see that it was poorly put together. This is a solid set of ear buds. The sound quality it perfect, after just inserting the earbuds into the ear you can immediately notice a difference in how much outside noise makes its way in. The sound quality is very clear and has very good bass depth. These ear buds also comes with a built in remote,0119172010a this comes in handy , you are able to answer calls, turn up the volume and pause and skip songs using this remote. This is nice because you no longer have to take your phone or whatever you have back out to perform these tasks. I really enjoy the cute little case that comes with the ear bud set. 0119172009I think it is the perfect size to carry in your pockets, purse or any other small space. This case is designed to not only carry your ear buds but it has paces so you can also keep up with you extra ear buds. very handy indeed! This is definitely a pair of ear buds that I would recommend to anyone!

I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review*


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