Green Direct Spin Mop

Click HERE to view the video demo.

This is the green direct spin mop 0113171406aand it can be purchased here .What more can I say about this mop it was super super easy to use and the instructions were very short and very clear. I think I was able to put this together in about 3 minutes if that! Once I got it together I found it very simple it took me a couple tries to get mine to work but it just turned out that I had an issue with the original mop handle that was sent to me , so after contacting the sellers I was able to  get a new mop handle and the mop has been working perfectly. The mop come with a long handle so it makes it really easy to move it around. Once the bucket is filled up you can easily add your cleaning agent using the little bottle 0113171408cthat comes with it. You can pump some of your detergent or whatever it is that you’re going to be using to clean right inside of the bucket without having to lift it up or anything. It also comes with a spout that allows for used to drain the bucket from the bottom the only thing about that is is if there’s dirt or sediment in the water you may still need to rinse the out the bucket out just a little bit just to get the extra sediment out of it. The bucket itself was extremely easy to use you just put them up handle together with the three pieces0113171406.jpg and then you snap on a mop head.0113171408a This system came with two mop heads so that you always have one that’s clean and ready for you to use when you’re ready . It also comes with a head that you can use for cleaning your car and dust head .

So when it comes using the actual system all you  have to do is look down into the bucket you’ll see there’s like a little pump it a you push it down using the mop just a couple times that’s going to help remove all the extra sediment, dirt and debris that’s in your mop. Then you just pick it up and then you put it into the spinner0113171408b , press it down maybe three or four times it’s going to wring out all the water .I found that this was very effective at getting this really clean. I found that it was very very effective overall I would give this mop a 5 out of 5. I thought it was super easy to use and it’s very convenient.

I received this product at a discount for my review, all thoughts expressed are solely and honestly my own.


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