Finally had the chance to try the #MrPumpkinEnzyme from @licaColeOrganics and this stuff is amazing!!!! When I first opened the pa page it smelled like all things fall lol it was like pumpkin pie in a package..what I’m trying to say is this stuff smell solo good. Lol I then proceeded to apply to my face and neck areas staying clear of my mouth and eyes and decided to let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing and drying my face. After a couple minutes my face had a slight burning sensation , no more than the feeling of alcohol would give you so I wasn’t sure if I was sensitive to the product and went ahead and rinsed my face. no damage was done of you are wondering! My face feels smooth and refreshed and actually a bit tighter , so I can’t complain. I can still smell that pumpkin scent as I sit here typing. And even had a bit leftover for later use. Β #enzyme #pumpkin #naturallylash #reviews #honestreviews


Can be found at



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