Favormates 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad Ideal Choice For Your PC, All Smart Phone , IPTV, Xbox, Google TV Box, HTPC, PS4 & More(With Ebook Included) (Personal Computers)

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Product can be found here!

I can say that in my household we are always looking for different gadgets and love when we come across things like this mini keyboard. I found the setup for this to be extremely easy. Like all I had to do was pop the usb into our cable box and I was good to go! I will say it took about 30 minutes or so to figure out what all controls I was able to do with my device as I understand that this keyboard will vary in things it can do depending on what device it was hooked up to. For our cable box I found that most things worked out very easy like that I can see the mouse on the screen and easily move it around to click on different menus that I am able to bring up using the keyboard. The keyboard itself is nice and stylish. I fits nicely in the hand and did a vey handy tool to have. I can see myself using this item quite often, even the kids had find with it. I received this item free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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