Yoga Socks Toeless Pilates Barre Grip Non Slip


** Not my picture, my pictures was deleted, will take new ones soon**


I absolutely love these socks! I do yoga a lot in my house and one thing I complain about is my mat slipping on my floors. I had even went to the extent of sing puffy paint on the bottom of my socks to give me grip. I find that that I like to be off the mat whenever possible. These socks was the perfect solution to the issues I was having. firstly the socks are actually really comfortable! They are nice and thin and the fit is just rights. I was worried that the toe openings would be uncomfortable but they are nice and  stretch a bit to accommodate my toes. I like that the top of the sock is open so my feet don’t get too hot or start to sweat. The grip on these socks is perfect,  found that I am able to do my asana with ease and I have not slipped not one time. Not only is the grip on the bottom great but they look very nice, I’m sure  will have to remind myself not to just wear them around the house and to only use them for yoga LOL. Overall I am very pleased with these yoga socks and will definitely make these a staple in my yoga practice. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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