Yummy’s Fresh Baked Homestyle Rugelach – 12 oz. Crescent Filled Pastries

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I have had pastries that was similar to these so I went into trying these with that mindset. I was wrong ! When I received the package nothing really jumped out to me as being wrong with them but soon I would find out. When I opened the package I found that they smelled really good and I was happy to try them . After trying 1 of these I found them to be really dry , the filling was slightly pleasant but overall it was a big dud to me. The pastry itself was dry and didn’t have much flavor. I was very disappointed. I knew since these had a bit of sweetened to them that I would be able to give them to the children so they would have to go to waste. I’m not sure if something unknown to me was wrong with the packaging that maybe led to them being dry and tasteless but overall I would not try these again, at least from this brand. The only plus side was the mildly pleasing filling. I received this product free for testing and reviewing ,all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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