EQtainment – Q Wunder Party

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I recently received this game and gift set to try out for a Tryazon party and  am so happy I was able to receive this set. The Monkey was absolutely adorable and very well made. I love that it was weighted as I have 2 children with ASD and other sensory issues and they really liked it.  I like how we can play the race to the top game on the go with the little to go pack. The content on the cards are entertaining and even though my children are particularly partial to the “Do” cards they still made a great effort to try the question and you cards. The container that the cards come in is very handy and something that I can easily put in my purse for when we are on the go. The game was so much fun for us to sit down and play with the children. The board game was nice and sturdy and I like how easy it is to put everything away. The message that this game conveys is perfect. It is not to often that you get a game for kids that actually have a good message and is really trying to teach them something other than silly things. This game is sure to have a very positive impact on the growth and development of the children.


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