RELAXING SLEEP TEA – 14 Day – Herbal Bedtime Calming Aid – Helps Insomnia and Anxiety – Peaceful Mind and Body – Organic Superior Quality – With Ginger Root – Chamomile – Holy Basil – Saffron

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First off I want to say that I thought the packaging for this tea was a little bit lackluster but I know its not really about the packaging but more so about the quality and taste of the product. When I opened the package the faint but present smell of citrus was the first thing I was greeted with. I really enjoyed the scent of this tea. I brewed up a cup that night following the direction to drink it one hour before bed. I thought the taste was very mild and it went down pretty smooth. I felt a bit of relaxation but to be honest drinking tea always make me feel that way. I didn’t really get the sleep part of this tea or maybe I didn’t understand it correctly. I thought the tea was to help lull me off to sleep but that is not what happened for me. Like I said I did feel a sense of relaxation but it did not make me sleepy. Overall I enjoyed the taste of the product and it is something that I can see myself relaxing with during the day but I don’t see this working for my nighttime needs at this moment. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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