Women’s Sexy Velvet Sleeveless Bodycon Cocktail Slim Fit Evening Party Long Dress

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When I first opened the package I will say that the dress looked a it cheap. That was just my first impression. I then tried the dress on and loved the way that it fit. I was a nice snug fit but I didn’t like how it bunched in the lower stomach area. I did notice that that problem could easily be solved by adjusting the dress ( pulling it down) to give it a flatter look. One thing I didn’t like about this dress was that it seemed like my stitching was a bit loose. I’m pretty sure it didn’t come from me wearing it because I checked it before putting it on and saw the stiches didn’t look tight. While there was no gaps in the stitching you can clearly see down the side of the dress that it was not stitched tightly. The material was very comfortable to wear and I can see my self really enjoying this dress. I like that this dress has a bit of stretch to it so it can easily fit different body types. I found the sizing chart to be a bit hard to decide from but the dress did fit how I expected minus the stitching problem. I’m not sure how many wears I will get out of this one. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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