Electric Pencil Sharpener for #2 Pencils USB and Batteries Powered for Office and School by Jancosta (Yellowish Green) (Office Product)

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This pencil sharpener is just what we needed! The design of this product is very sleek and the lime green really sticks out . I find that this pencil sharpener is very convenient. We like that we can take this pencil sharpener anywhere with us and even when we do not have any batteries we can easily use the usb cord to plug it in. The way the sharpener is designed it is very comfortable in the hand and the sharpener works really well. I will say that it is a bit loud but I guess that is what’s to be expected from a product like this one. So far I haven’t run into any of the problems I’ve had before with the sharpener actually breaking the lead on my pencils. Overall I am really pleased with this product and I look forward to many uses in the future. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own


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