Fantronics 7mm Rigid USB Endoscope Waterproof Snake Microscope Borescope Flexible Inspection Camera with 6 LED and 5M Cable ¡

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So to be honest my toilet had been stopped up for quite a while, even after having it “fixed ” it was still blocked. I noticed that whenever we had people fix the toilet they were pretty much going at it blind just like my husband and myself had been doing. I kept thinking to myself that we need to see what we are doing and that would make a difference. To my surprise I checked my email and I had received this offer to test and review an endoscope! This was just what I needed. The day it showed up to the house I ripped opened up the package and with my husband help proceeded to rig it up to the toilet tool. What a difference it made. It came with a really long black rigged cord that made positioning it right very easy. The only problem with the cord was that for the purpose I was using it I needed to attach it to something that would keep the cord from bending, once we figured that out the cord was perfect. The camera head had 6 adjustable lighting settings which came in great use , I found the brightest setting to work best for me. I was able to see clearly underwater and down into our toilets pipe lines . After maybe an hour or so of maneuvering the tool we was able to locate and free the blockage ( a yellow rubber duck !) The clarity of the camera was very good , we was able to clearly see which pipe was blocked and when we was up against the wall. I liked that you could record your videos right on to the computer. The only thing I didn’t really like was that I had to have it hooked up to my computer the whole time so that we could watch the real time footage. Overall we love this endoscope even though it will only be used in pipelines from now on , it was just what we needed.!!! I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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