Viva Labs – The FINEST 15g Organic Hemp Protein Powder, Cold-Milled for Higher Absorption, 1 LB Bag

OK so I can say that I am relatively new to hemp protein, so this review will be based on my experience with this product and only this product with no outside influences because I have never had this product before. I purchased the hemp protein because I was looking for an alternative to my standard whey protein. I have found the whey to give me belly bloat and discomfort so I was looking for something that was dairy free. I am glad to have come across this product because it not only met my needs but it far surpassed my expectations. I know some people said their hemp protein had a funky smell or color to it but I had no issues with mine. It looked to be the same color as the other hemp protein that I have seen and the smell was kind of nutty but it wasn’t rancid. I saw some people say this product should come in a darker container or be kept in the fridge so I will be doing that with some of my protein just to see if it has an effect on the product. As for the taste, I did not taste much of this product on it s own but the little bit that I did taste was just as described and had a slightly nutty taste, it was kind of mild and not overwhelming.. I used this product mostly in my homemade protein shakes and I was really pleased at how well it blended in. It was not gritty or sandy feeling , I was able to see some specks from it but overall it was very pleasant. I can definitely see myself continuing to use this product. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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