Sensory Jungle Rainbow Water Gel Beads, Sensory Integration Toy for Special Needs Kids, 8000 ct (Toy)

Had an OOPSIE with the pics.. Ill get them back soon!

I absolutely love these water gel beads! When I was growing up I would see similar products but I was never able to get them and I have always been really into them. I have 2 children with sensory issues and I just knew they would love these beads. My kids watch endless videos of water bead sensory play so I decided that I would get them some of their own. I first started with the extra large jumbo sized ones and they was really into them but I notice they really didn’t play with those very long. I saw these and saw how colorful they are and knew my kids would love them. When the package first arrived it really didn’t look like much. It was just a small baggy that was filled with little colorful dots and a brief description on the front of the bag. They looked kind of lacking in the fun area but I know that was just the beginning. The hard part would be getting my kiddos to wait for the change to happen. On the package it said to add 1 gallon of water per 1 tsp of beads, I found that filling a large bowl with water and adding the beads worked just as well. I let the kids see them go into the bowl and then I hid it to give them time to swell. While the beads grew to their largest size the same day I let them sit over night just to be sure. The next day my kids had a ball playing with the water gel beads. We worked on sorting colors and bouncing them like bouncy balls. They loved it after about an hour or so I let them squish them all up, by this point I was totally prepared for the mess it would make. Just when I thought their excitement was wearing down , just having them play with the squished beads brought on another hour of joy for them. I recently found out I could let them shrink down and rehydrate them again, so I look forward to trying that, Overall these water beads are perfect for sensory play for children and adults alike. I will definitely be getting my hands on more of these. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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