Marble Genius Marble Run Starter Set – 60 Translucent Marbulous Pieces + 10 Glass Marbles (Toy)

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So I not only got this product for my children but also for myself and I am so glad that I decided to get this marble run. Both of my children are very hands on and active so finding toys that they will actually play with is a bit of a challenge. From the time this box came through the door both of my kids was on it. I’m not sure of they brightly colored pieces displayed on the box was to blame or they just knew something awesome was inside. Right away we opened the box and proceeded to assemble the structure just as we saw it on the pamphlet. I was very pleased at how quickly this seemed to come together. After a while we decided to try out the other layout that was on the pamphlet and found we liked that set up better. Once the marble run was fully put together I did feel as if it was a hit unstable for my kids who seem to find the quickest way to knock things over. After moving the structure near a wall we found it much easier to play with. The pieces was very easy to work wit and put together and seemed to stay together nicely for the most part. When you first read how many pieces are included you would think it was smaller than it actually turned out to be but it was a nice size. I’m glad it came with marbles because we didn’t have any. The only thing we didn’t like was how unstable the start set felt but I know that can be fixed with more pieces. Overall we really enjoyed this product and look forward to getting more pieces to expand with. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.



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