[Upgraded] PS4 Cooler, Amir® PS4 Vertical Stand | Review


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[Upgraded] PS4 Cooler, Amir® PS4 Vertical Stand | Review

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ALL-IN-ONE PACK – Including PS4 Console Vertical Stand + 2 Cooling Fans + Controller Charging Docks + 14 Slot Game Disc Storage + 3 Additional HUB Ports.
• PERFECTLY MADE FOR PS4 – 2 professional built-in cooling fans work well to keep your PS4 from overheating and prolong the lifespan of your PS4 console. 2 USB ports for charging your shock controllers simultaneously.
• GAME DISC STORAGE – Constructed with 14 slot Game disc storage area, you can easily store your game discs close to your PS4. Space saving! No need to buy another game disc storage tower. Money saving!
• 3 HUB PORTS – Added with 3 HUB ports to charge other devices which may needed to play with the game. Compared to other charging station that has 2 USB, our product is multifunctional and enables you connect other devices like tablets, phones and cameras.
• UNIQUE APPEARANCE – Fashionable and unique appearance of rocket shape for the vertical stand enhances the fun of gaming experience. Equipped with 8 high quality Controller Cover Caps, providing you with a perfect game playing experience.


The ps4 vertical stand cooler is a very useful item, as most gamers have some sort of shelving or compartment style entertainment to put video game systems in. This offers a way to charge up to two controllers and hold more than 5 of your ps4 video games all in one central location. As most people may lose the original controller charger, this offers a way to charge two controllers while only using one usb port, as the entire system runs from one usb you can simply plug into the ps4 system. There are two fans that help cool the system but they run on a low rpm so the cooling system isn’t that efficient as many times I would hear the ps4 fans kick into overtime when it sits inside the closed entertainment shelf. One other draw back of the system is that when you set the ps4 into the slot it feels like it is not really secure or locked in, one minor bump can knock the entire system over. I feel that a more secure grip is needed to really hold the system in place. Other than that the system works perfect in non busy areas where kids may constantly bump into the system and when I setup in an open space outside of enclosed casing I barely hear the fans of the ps4 system at all. Great and convenient use for the ps4 system I will most definitely recommend to ps4 users everywhere. I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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