WowWee MiPosaur

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WowWee MiPosaur

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I am an absolute sucker for electronic toys and naturally so is my kids! It turns out my son will actually only play with electronic toys, meaning if it don’t make notice or move or involve some kind of computer system he has no interest in it. I thought this would be the prefect toy for him . So when the package first arrived at my house both of my kids ran to see what this package was and when I opened the box I could see their faces light up with delight. At this point I wasn’t sure who was more interested in this toy , me or the kids? Either way everyone was really excited to play with it. I searched around the house until I found some batteries and after reading the manual ( skimming through to the good stuff) I decided it was time to play but that was short lived as the children quickly took over. They played with this toy until the batteries were dying. They especially enjoyed the fetch and teddy bear mode as they could pretty much watch the MiPo move around freely while they ran around laughing . At one point I started believe my kids thought it was a real pet. Seriously it just may be because that’s as close to a pet as they can expect in this household. So a couple days later I was finally able to experiment and play with it myself and boy did I enjoy this toy! I took my time an explored all the different modes that the trackball offered. I personally think the teddy bear mode is my favorite as I could just sit back and watch the Mipo interact on it own while I tried to guess which way it was going to go. There was little to no things I thought that didn’t like. I did notice that you have to be careful not to get it corned where sensors on opposites could be reading at the same time because I did get mine stuck in a couple corners other than that I had no issues. I can definitely see lots of hours of enjoyment from both myself and the kids with this toy! I received this product free to testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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