govino® Dishwasher Safe Decanter Set, Includes Two 16-ounce Dishwasher Safe Glasses



govino® Dishwasher Safe Decanter Set | Product Review

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This decanter set is just as beautiful as it is convenient! I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like this set being that it was not made from glass like other decanters that I have come across. It has a very simple and sleek design that would easily fit into any kind of décor. I really like that it has the thump indent, it made it really comfortable to hold . The decanter its self feels a little thin and I do fear that it could easily be broken, I did not try to test this theory but based on the material and how easily I can squeeze it gives me that impression. The bowl like bottom on the decanter works really well for aerating and letting your wine breathe before pouring. I do find that this set is not only perfect for just wine but it is really nice as just a serving set. I plan to look into purchasing more of the tumblers if they are available .Like the decanter the tumbler also have the thumb indent making them really easy and comfortable to hold. Overall I really enjoyed this set and look forward to many occasions of continued use. I received this item free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts express are honestly and solely my own.


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