4:47 …HouSmile Wireless Doorbell | Product Review


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HouSmile Wireless Doorbell | Product Review

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We already had a wireless door bell but dor some reason it had stopped working so I went looking for another when I came across this one. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy and this one just so happened to be pretty plain looking but it came with 52 different tunes and tones , so I figured I would give it a try. When I first opened the package it looked pretty straight forward and I thought to myself that this would be pretty easy to use and install. Just as I expected the set up was pretty easy but I did get a little bit mixed up on pairing the device. The first time I tried to pair it , it worked like a charm but being the person I am I decided I wanted to change the volume and tune . After I tried to change the tune it seemed to come out of sync with the button. So as I type this the base in the hose has the volume and tune that I wanted but when I press the button It does nothing. IM pretty sure this is error on my part since I did it the first time and cant seem to get right now. It is a pretty simple doorbell and the volume can get pretty loud , I found that mine came set on the loudest and it was way too loud even when being heard from upstairs. The sound quality is really good so I have no issues there. Overall I would say this doorbell is a great deal and budget friendly. I received this item free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.



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