GamersDigital(TM) 2.4G Mini Wireless Elite Chatpad Game Controller Keyboard

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I have had other add on keyboards for other systems that I have owns and compared to those that I would normally purchase in the store I am very pleased. I feel that the actual keyboard was made very well and it was nice and sturdy. This keyboard has definitely been an asset to my online gaming. The buttons are very easy to read and comfortable to type on. The fit of the keyboard on my controller was nice and snug and I was pleased with the sound quality coming from the headphone jack. The item was very nice but I did find one or two things that I did not like . The product works very well with the Xbox1 system but the only downfall of the device is the instructions! The instruction booklet reads as if it was put together by a second grader or someone with English as a third language!!! Another problem that I ran into but it wasn’t a big deal was adding other devices to the keyboard. The items that would normally attach to the bottom of the xbox1 controller such as the first generation headphone jack does not fit on the bottom of the keyboard device. Overall I was really pleased with this item and look forward to many nights of continued use. I received this item at a discount for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.


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