funny-home Round Mooncake Chocolate Muffin Cupcake Soap Silicone Mold Pan Tray New Brand Pink For Cakes

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I have been looking into getting some cute molds for some of my baking and candy making for quite some time now. I was really pleased with how intricate and complex the designs on these molds were. I had originally been looking for some basic molds but was totally sold on this set. The mold itself was very well made and it was very flexible. I did a little pull test on it and was pleased to find that it was pretty durable. I haven’t gotten any rips or tears in the material and I had no issue using this item in the oven. I did find for the items that I baked in them they seemed to be a bit small and while the bottom of my muffins was very pretty the tops kind of baked over. So maybe if this was to come in a deeper size then it would be better suited for the kind of baked goods that I like to make. I did find that my chocolate candies worked out perfect with these molds. Once the chocolate had set they all seemed to pop out very easy and the design did not get messed up. I think this mold would be the perfect gift for bakers, candies and soap makers alike. I would definitely recommend this to a friend! I received this item free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own.



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