ThermoPro TP05 Digital BBQ Grill Meat Cooking Thermometer Fork with Timer / Temperature Alarm


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So usually my husband does the grilling around this house but lately I have been taking my hand at the grill. One things I would always worry about was whether or not the meat was fully cooked. I used to remedy this by making cuts in to the meat and checking it that way, yes I know this is not the best method but this is what was working for me. This thermometer has made grilling meat so much easier and I know each time it s done without the hassle and fuss of cutting the meat open. When I first opened the packaging I found that this product actually came in two pieces but they snap together very easily. This is nice for cleaning the forked end without worrying about getting food or other mess inside of the reading part of the thermometer. I found the display very easy to read and understand. It tells you exactly what stage of doneness your food Is at every time. I found the entireΒ  things extremely easy to use. The handle is designed to nicely fit into the had so you can basically use it like you would use any other grilling fork. On the back of the handle you will see a small cooking chart so you will know what temperature your food is supposed to be at for it to be considered cooked. This thermometer has greatly improved my grilling experience.
** I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thought expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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