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Ok so first off I wanted to say that I had to stop taking these for medical reasons but I plan to continue taking them as soon as I’m cleared from my doctor. This review will solely be based on my experience during the 4 days I was able to take these . OK so basically my first impression of these pills was that they are about the average size for most supplements that I have taken. I like that they are capsules as I find those easier to swallow. I try to not let capsules sit in my mouth to long because they tend to melt so with that being said, they did not have any offensive odors or smells that would make me want to discontinue taking these.Β  I lost 1lb in the time I took them not quite sure if that was from the pills or a combinations of my diet and exercise. I have heard nothing but good things about garcinia so I look forward to seeing what these can do for me.
I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughtsΒ  expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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