ORBLUE Propresser Stainless Steel Kitchen Garlic Press

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OK you guys this is coming from the self proclaimed garlic queen! I love garlic and I can say that I probably cooked with it at least once a day( Sorry the pics don’t show it as shiny and new looking as it was but I have been going crazy with this thing!). One of my biggest complaints with the garlic and chopping it is that I constantly  smell like garlic :-/ mostly because I am having to wipe the bit off the knife back on to the chopping board so that I can continue to chop it. I like my garlic chopped really fine and sometimes that can be a big hassle but to have that specific flavor to my meals makes it worth it.  So why haven’t I decided to get a garlic press earlier? To be honest I am cheap  lol I always figured that my hands are perfectly capable of getting the job done so why spend money to  do what I can already do! Boy was I wrong .. this garlic press has made my like so much easier and it gets my garlic exactly how I like it!
-Very easy to use,
-NO more garlic hands,
-Goodbye to endless chopping.
-** I feel like you get better flavor out of pressed garlic**
-Saves times
-Quick clean up
– Getting into the corners to clean is  a bit of a hassle.
– You will have to pull the  dry garlic out with your hands  if you forget to clean it right away, resulting in garlic hands.
 OK so maybe the cons are just be nit picking , obviously the pros outweigh the cons and this garlic press is definitely worth giving a try!
** I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely me own**

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