TrackR bravo

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I never really thought that I would need something to help track things that get lost often in our household. I had pretty much just gotten used to playing the hide and seek game with lost items. I saw this item and thought why not give it a try. When I first received it I thought it looked kind of cool but would it be really practical for out home use so I put it to the test. I attached it to a remote that is constantly disappearing  and put this thing to the test. Setting the little gadget up was really quick and easy and usage was simple. So II sat and waited and sure enough sometime that day that remote went missing. I turned the app on and started my search. I would walk around pressing the chime button until I heard it. It was pretty basic but it works , the chime is distinguishable to other things in the house to make it obvious when the item has been found. Also I like that it tells you when the item is near so it takes a bit of the guess work out of using it. One thing I wish was different was that to use the trackr you have to keep the Bluetooth on which isn’t ideal but doable when needed. Overall this little gadget is useful and I will continue to use it.
** I received this item free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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