Jump Rope – Speed Rope

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I’ve had a couple fitness jump ropes but I do believe that this is the first one like that that I have had. Most of the ropes that I have had was thicker and not adjustable so I was really interesting in trying this one on the basis of being able to adjust it. Upon first glance I noticed this jump rope was so much thinner than any rope I have use and thus it was much lighter. I am still getting use to this rope because my other jump ropes have weights in them . The handles are pretty basic in the grip but I really like how the rope twirls independently from the handles. I feel like this will enable me to jumps faster with less hiccups. It put together pretty well and I don’t see having to switch any time soon. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to clip the excess rope after adjusting so that can be a bit annoying but that is just my opinion, I figured Id leave it adjustable incase someone else wants to use it. Overall I like the jump rope and it meets myΒ  needs.
** I received this item free for reviewing and testing purposes, all thought expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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