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Raw African Black Soap


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After using this soap I wondered to myself why I ever stopped using black soap. Where I used to live they sold black soap in the stores but it was not the real deal. It was literally black soap that was smooth and sometimes shiny?! I knew this wasn’t the real stuff because I knew it didn’t look or feel like that. I was pleased with this soap. It is a Hodge podge of colors ranging from beige to black. It is not smooth so when washing with it I recommend lathering in a loofah of rubbing in the hands. This soap contains raw material and ash that may scratch the skin if you are too ruff. This soap is not like your ordinary bar of soap this is soft and moldable , I like to break off a piece and put the rest away. Do not keep this soap in the shower because from my experience the excess moisture will melt your soap and that’s just no fun! After showering with this soap my skin was not feeling squeaky clean and that’s actually a good thing, my skin felt thoroughly cleaned but it was not dried out as it has been so many times before. I lathered up the soap really well and washed my body and made sure to rinse with water that wasn’t too hot. My skin is still feeling soft and moisturized after using it . Most soaps give me the squeaky clean feeling but my skin be so dry that It is just not worth it. I have also been using this soap on my face. I lather the soap in my hand and rub onto my face in circular motions. I was a bit worried at first because in the acne spots I did feel a slight tingle and burn but after further reading  I found this to be normal so I stopped worrying about it. after a week of using this soap on my face I noticed my face feels smoother and the skin tone is starting to even out. I have less acne on my face( excuse the few bumps in the pic as it was a very hot and sweaty day here and those just pooped up) which I’m very excited about. My face never feels dry after washing and the flaky dry spots have begun to disappear. This is my favorite soap and I’m upset that I ever stopped using it , will be definetly be ordering more.
** I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**



I’m a mother of 3 , two boys and one girl. I have been with my husband for 11 years and married for 7 of them. All around fun person, I enjoy doing product reviews and unboxings on my YouTube and Facebook pages. I also create video tutorials and chats about natural hair and I love making my own hair products. Music and dance are huge for me and I can be quite the goof ball but that just adds to my personality. Pretty much I am an open book:-) Feel Free to leave a comment:-) Check me out on: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

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