VONOTO [Condenser Microphone

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This mic is very easy to install as there is no software required to use it, and as long as your outer has mic input as majority does, there is technically no hardware requirements.  Physically the only limitations is the mic stand it comes with is not adjustable and often creates problems to get the mic at the right position for quality recording.  These limitations often make recordings sound like you are either muffled or to far away from microphone picking up mostly background noises then your voice.  The size of the mic and mic stand makes it impossible to attach pop filter to reduce some of the strong P’s and B’s in any recording.  This mic is very small making it portable and it’s ease of install to nearly any computer makes it handy for another source to record sound.  I wouldn’t recommend it for professional recordings or when sound quality is important  to the consumer.
** I receive this item at a discount for reviewing and testing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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