bobble Insulate – No-Sweat, Leak-Proof

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I have lots of water bottles, most of them bpa free plastic with sip tops so this kind of water bottle I was not familiar with. This is my first metal water bottle but its so much better than any water bottle I have had. This bottle promised so many features that I was sure it could not be true! A full metal, insulated, vacuum sealed, non condensing bps free water bottle…no way this was true! I was wrong this bottle is officially my favorite, I added some ice water to this bottle and it kept that water cold for hours . At one point I wondered if the ice in it was ever going to melt which it finally did but the water stayed perfectly crisp and cold. The outside of the bottle even with icy cold water inside never got too cold or had condensation building up. It was truly doing everything it was described to do! This bottle is so sleek and unlike anything I have seen, the shape was perfect gripping and holding and the color was bright and vivid. I had never heard of this brand of water bottle but boy was I missing out ! Its my new go to water bottle for sure!
** I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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