bobble Infuse – Hydrate, Filter, and Infuse

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I was really surprised that I did not like this water bottle more than I thought I would. I had just got the bobble insulate water bottle and I absolutely loved it . To be honest it is now the best water bottle that I have , so one can see why I expected more from this bottle. This body of this bottle feels really cheap, the plastic is really thin and I’m sure with little effort  it will crack or split. The top of the bottle seems to be well made but I do feel like it takes a bit of effort to get water or whatever fluid you are drinking out of this. I just feel like the bottle all around could have been made better. The only thing I liked about the bottle was the filter but as for infusing  its really no different than just dropping fruit into my water. So I really don’t use this bottle for that reason. The color on the filter and top was appealing to me but overall this will be my last minute or emergency water bottle as I have other bottles that are much better made.
** I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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