Best Eyelash Growth Serum: MARVELASH

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I have never used an eyelash/eyebrow enhancing product before so I did not go into this with my mind already made up on what I expected my results to be given the amount of time I was going to use the product before writing this review. Unlike other I believe I already have a decent length of lashes but was really looking forward to the possibility of them growing thicker and  darker. When I opened the product I will say that I felt like  it was full but it never seemed to be much product on the brush when it was time to apply. I figured it must be made that way to keep excess product from getting in your eye and causing possible irritation. Either way I did not mind. The application of the product was super easy given the brush size, It was so small and precise that I could easily line my lash line down at the root without getting the product into my eyes. I used the product for about a week before I decided to take pictures to see my progress. I realized the “before “pictures showed my lashes with line and a bit of mascara, so I decided not to upload my pictures because the results would not be clearly represented. I will say that I did not see much growth in length but it did seem to help some new little lashes grow in . I noticed much shorted lashes mixed in with my longer ones and assumed they were new. I did not get this product expecting a miracle nd I’m sure one week is not long enough to really see some results, nut in the time that I used the product I didn’t see any reason to stop using it so I will continue with the product and hope for the best!
**I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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