Barbell Shoulder Pad 19″

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I haven’t been lifting weights for long but one things that I would always complain about was doing squats. I hated how the bar felt across my back and often complained of being extra sore and giving up because I couldn’t take how the bar felt. I was pleased to come across this bar cushion because in just one use it has eliminated all of my complaints! The cushion itself is made very well and is pretty thick. I like that it has Velcro on it to help secure it in place. I feel like I am better able to concentrate on my workout instead of complaining about the bar. The bar cushion had made it so comfortable to do my squats. It is not too thick where it wont fit properly across my back yet it is not too thin to where I feel like I can stillΒ  feel the bar. This is definitely my new gymΒ  buddy!
** I received this product for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**



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