Green Earth Pan by Ozeri | Product Review

ozeri pan.PNG Green Earth Pan by Ozeri | Product Review

**Click the Green link above to view this review**

I am super big on finding cool kitchen gadgets and appliances to use so when I came across this pan I just had to have it and give it a try. What drew me in to this pan was the non-stick coating! Like I hate when I am cooking and the food is looking great and then when I go to flip or turn the food the whole thing either sticks or bits and pieces get left behind in the pan, making my delicious meal look more like trash. I found that this pan is truly non-stick. I had already cooked a stir fry meal in this pan when I had decided to film a video review ( you can find this at . During the video review I showed how easy it was to cook a fried eggΒ  and how good this pan is at distributing heat. I loved how even I was able to cook my meal and the ease of cleanup when I was finished. This pan Is not only beautiful but it is very practical for a person like me . I don’t really fry my food so I’m happy that I don’t have to have extra oil in this pan to achieve the desired results. This pan has a good amount of weight to it , so I am not worried about it possibly shifting or easily being knocked over and unlike other pans this one is oven safe! I have had this pan for about a week now and I would definitely recommend this pan to someone looking for a great pan!
** I received thisΒ  product freeΒ  for testing and reviewing purpose, all thoughts and opinions expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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