Art Naturals Lavender Essential Oil 4.0 oz 3 Piece Set including Bonus 10ml Travel Size Bottle

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So I have been using essentials oils for a while now for a variety of reasons ranging from haircare to skincare and aromatherapy! I really like the . way this set was made, the quality is really what I would call top notch. I love that they used the dark glass bottles to protect the oils and the box is even made to nicely store everything when it is not in use. I have used cheaper oils and I have used some that people would deem expensive but I have to say this oil set is one of the best that I have used. The fragrance of the oils is so clean and pure . I love how fragrant it is when I mix it into my homemade products, I have had people ask me what that smell was and I was happy to tell them about this gift set that I received. My current diffuser is on the fritz a little so I’m in the process of getting a new one but even with the issues the sweet delicate scent of lavender is present in our home. This oil makes me feel so at peace and calm, I’ve added it to my baths, and even on my pillow at night! When I say this stuff is amazing I mean it. I recently learned to use it as a flavor boost in recipes and even though as a self proclaimed foodie I should know that tip , I was amazed at how great everything was. I feel like Since getting this gift set I have been actively looking for more way to incorporate the lavender into my daily routines .This gift set is definitely a great deal and I would recommend this as a gift to anyone!
** I received this product for a discount for reviewing and testing purposes, all thoughts and opinions expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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