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Ozeri 5-Piece Wine Bottle Corkscrew & Accessory Set

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So I love love love wine and I really hate when I cant re-seal it or have trouble removing the foil on it and this kit was exactly what I needed. Even for the bigger bottles this kit got the job done. First off I love the sleek look of this kit! It has a slight rubbery feel so I can get a good grip on it and the wine bottle shape is attractive enough to be stored in plain sight. I like that it is on a metal hinge so I don’t have to worry about it snapping like a plastic would do. The inside is arranged neatly and simple with a stiff foam mold to hold everything snugly in place. I will say that while I like that the mold is foam I do worry that over time it will lose its initial shape and maybe the tools may not fit as snug or not even fit at all! I guess for this maybe a plastic or some other material that wouldn’t lose it shape would be better for this even though you would lose the softness that the foam provided .I love the simple wine stopper it fit perfectly in the wine bottles that I tested the item in and I’m not sure why but I did realize that the smaller cone is detachable. I would only assume it is detachable to cut down on the amount of space the bottle would take up, other than that I can see myself getting great use out of this item. The drip stopper is a piece that I can say that I never even thought that I needed until I got one, It fits just enough around the top of the bottle to not fall off but it is easily removed. I found that have the foam insert removable is great so it can b washed as needed and placed back in the drip accessory. I’m glad to have this item now and I’m sure if my tables could talk they’d be happy to be drip free! The wine spout pourer is definitely a simple piece that makes me feel so fancy even when I’m not serving the most expensive wine lol . It is a very simple piece and the fact that it come with a stopper so I don’t have to continuously remove the spout to apply the stopper is an added bonus, I will mostly like use this piece more that the included stopped just because of the double duty action it has. Now the foil cutter. Let me tell you how much I’ve needed one of these! I have had so many frustrating occasions where I just couldn’t get the foil off or even cut my finger on it …..this thing is a life saver. I was surprised at how easy it was to use given the fact that I had never used one before, the foil cutter it definitely my new best friend. The actual tool is simple made , not sure how I feel about it being mostly plastic as I would prefer for the whole thing to be metal but it is a very useful tool in this kit!. The last piece is the cork screw and honestly this is where this kit has failed me! The cork screw while a bit stiff actually screwed into my wine cork easily but that was all it did. I could not remove that cork to save my like and I have a variety of wine openers and cork screws and I am pretty sure it was not me lol. I ended us having to use a different corkscrew to remove the cork. The knife in it is pretty handy once you get it out, again all the pieces was really tight and I felt like I might cut myself trying to pull out the knife as it was pretty sharp. I understand wanting the tool to last long and not having the pieced flopping around but this one was just a bit too tight. Overall I am very happy with this kit as a whole and I am glad to have it, would definitely recommend this to a friend1
** I received this product free of charge for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts expressed are honestly and solely my own**


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