Galaxy Note 3 Case, Spigen® [Ultra Fit]

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This a very nice basic case. When you first open the package you will notice inside the case it had a small authentication tag, that’s how you know you are not getting a rip off. This is a nice feature for those that really appreciate having the real deal. Also you can look on the bac and see the word Spigen has been engraved into the case, more reason this case lets you know it is authentic. I have purchased many other Spigen cases before but never a basic hard case. The case is made of hard plastic but it feels really nice in your hands. It kind of have the texture of rubber so it has a good amount of grip and is easily held .Even with this case wet it is still pretty graspable so I don’t worry much about dropping it. Now this is not a protector case so don’t expect the screen and sides and such to be protected because those areas are left exposed, like I said this is a basic case. The case itself is very easy to use all you have to do is take it out of its packaging and pretty much just snap it on to your phone! Very quick and simple installation. The fit on this case is very snug especially in the snap on areas, no need to worry about the case coming off unless you take it off on purpose. Overall it is a nicely made and reliable case for someone not looking for a lot of protection outside of guarding from bumps and scratches on the back. I like this case as a backup as I prefer protective cases but it is still one I would recommend.
** I received this product free of charge for testing and reviewing purposes, all thought and opinions expressed are solely my own**


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