Kitchen Active Spiralizer, Black

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So when I first purchased this item I was a bit unsure because I have seen so many different products like this and some people complained about the spirals that are created. Needless to say this slicer worked perfectly. I had never tried to make the veggie spaghetti or pasta before so I decided to just use the recipe that was on the box. It turned out great! This slicer comes with two different slicer sizes so you could either make a thinner or thicker spiral. The blades a very sharp so it is nice to have the extra piece on the end to help protect the fingers as you get lower on the veggies. I will say that it is best used with thicker veggies so you could create more spirals. I do feel like it does not cut the whole veggie unless you carefully twist with your hand in the barrel because the finger guard/twister does not push the whole thing through as you can see in my pic. The little brush that is included is really handy after you use the product, it helps to get all the little bits of food leftover out of it. Overall the product is nice and its quite easy to use.

** I received this product at a discount for testing and reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own**


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