Coconut Milk Body Scrub from Majestic Pure is 100% Natural Scrub

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Nice product, it wasn’t too oily or too dry, I found this out after having to turn the container upside down for a little bit because I feared the product was way to dry. Turns out the oil had just settled to the bottom and everything was all good after doing so. I used this product after shaving my legs because I have found that I get the best results on shaven legs. The scent of this product was light and mild although I wish the scent was a bit stronger but that is just my opinion. The actual scrub was very gentle but effective and it did not leave my skin with any irritation. The oils made for a slippery feel and left my skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. After drying off the excess oil feeling went away , I would say don’t wipe the oil just blot to remove excess, you want to have a thin oil film on the skin. The skin will absorb this and help to further soften and moisturize. As the day went on my skin remained feeling soft which a definite plus. Also I would like to say depending on how much you use in the shower be careful because the oils can make the floor slippery! Overall this was a nice body scrub and it was effective on not only my legs but all over.
** I received this product at a discount for testing and review purposes, all thought and opinions expressed are solely my own**


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