Selfie Stick,Self-portrait Monopod Wired Selfie Stick

This is very nice selfie stick for the price. The handle feels very sturdy and it is easy to get a good grip on it. I like how you can order this selfie stick in multiple colors for a bit of personalization. I choose the pink which is more of a metallic pink. It feels to be make of plastic and a rubber material which is fine because I was not expecting an over the top product ( it would have been nice) but I do wish the heel was made of metal to ward against breaking or cracking if dropped. The extension pole is metal and it extends to about 78 cm with a camera rotating angle of about 270 degrees. I believe there should be no issues taking a great picture with this product. The actual camera holder is made of a pretty sturdy plastic with rubber grips. I will say unless you remove the plastic reflective mirror then be careful when opening the grip to place your phone. If you are not careful you could pinch your finger between the plastic and the grip( lessoned learned) . The actual phone grip has a very nice strong hold, you could twist and turn this thing and your phone will not budge! Overall it is a pretty well made product and I look forward to lots of outdoor picture
taking adventures!

** I received this product at a discount for reviewing and testing purposes, all reviews and opinions expressed are solely my own**


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