OK…..change of plans


OK so recently I decided that I was not going to remodel my website and instead I would just bring the content from the website and from my YouTube and put it here. I like the idea of having a standalone blog instead of the website or my blog attached to Facebook. Sooooo…. I started trying to gather all of my videos and all the pictures, unboxings and reviews I had done and tried to add them here but I guess you can say I’m lazy LOL. Just trying to copy the content alone has been a pain in the but so I’m just going to start fresh on here.  Don’t worry I have 5 reviews coming up so this blog shouldn’t  be blank too long. If you would like to check out some of my other content be sure to check out  my Facebook blog NaturallyLash on FB or drop my YouTube channel NaturallyLash on YouTube. I will continue to upload video content to my YouTube as well as this blog so be sure to like and subscribe to both! As always Thanks for dropping by and Love Yourself Naturally!


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